Hearing Aid Overview

Hearing aid technology is advancing rapidly, and at the Hearing Institute of Texas, we keep abreast of these developments, putting you in touch with the right assistance for your individual lifestyle and needs. The following are some of the styles of hearing aids, as well as the new features that may be suited to you. Additional features are not right for everyone, so we are eager to consult with you about which features seem appealing and which might be an unnecessary encumbrance.

Styles of Hearing Aids

The needs and desires of hearing aid wearers have prompted designers and manufacturers to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. The styles of hearing aids range from tiny units that are invisible within the ear canal up to larger styles that are easy to manipulate for those who have dexterity issues or arthritis. Each of these hearing aid styles offers a set of benefits and limitations, so our audiologists will be able to guide you through the process of balancing your needs with the offerings of each style.













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Hearing Aid Features

Along with these general styles of hearing aids, a wide range of features and technological advancements are available to promote your hearing loss treatment. If any of these features are appealing to you, your consultation with the Hearing Institute of Texas is an opportunity to discuss your lifestyle, individual needs, and the many possibilities that hearing technology affords.


Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology has transformed the functionality of hearing aids today. When they are connected to a smartphone application, your hearing aids can transform into earbuds at a simple click. This technology makes it possible to hear a ringer or alerts from your phone, and you can have the audio from a phone call channeled directly to your ears, as well, bypassing the problems created by talking on the phone while wearing hearing aids. This technology also makes it possible to stream audio from your smartphone, media player, computer, or television directly to your aids. Moving fluidly from streaming media to hearing environmental sound is a remarkable benefit in our increasingly connected world.


Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Many of the latest hearing aids are rechargeable. Eliminating the need to fumble with cumbersome battery replacements, these units can simply be placed on a charging station overnight, ready to wear in the morning. Portable charging stations are available, as well, keeping your aids charged and ready when you are traveling or out and about.


Tinnitus Treatment

Another feature of new hearing aids that has transformed the range of services is to offer treatment for tinnitus. This condition of “ringing in the ears,” along with other sounds such as whirring, buzzing, clicking, or roaring, creates a persistent sensation of sound even if there is no sound source in the world.

Some hearing aids today can emit a sound that in effect cancels out the sound of tinnitus, providing the relief of quiet for a person who has been coping with incessant internal noise. The relief from tinnitus can be accompanied by hearing assistance, so those who have both tinnitus and hearing loss can experience a double benefit.

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