Hearing Aid Brands

The Hearing Institute of Texas works with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers to provide you with a wide range of treatment options. Our expertise can help connect you with the right style of hearing aids for your needs and budget. Most of our current hearing aid selection is rechargeable. Although these manufacturers offer a variety of styles, each has been working to develop specialized technologies that may be appropriate for your individual needs.



Phonak focuses on creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. Based in Switzerland, this hearing aid provider serves over 100 countries around the world with the latest technology. The Phonak Paradise line of hearing aids provides the latest in sound quality and speech recognition. Noise reduction is at its best with this line of hearing aids, and Bluetooth connectivity requires only a tap to toggle between key functions. Connecting with your smartphone, television, computer and more provides a seamless transition from conversation to streaming audio.



Widex takes as its mission to provide the absolute best hearing aids and customer service, so that wearers can hear the world, connect with their loved ones, and communicate easily. This Danish company dispenses hearing aids around the world with special attention to delivering pure and natural sound quality. The latest model Widex Moment takes this sound quality to the next level. Older model hearing aids produced a sound that sounded artificial when two signals mixed between the ears. The Widex Moment has developed the ability to capture true environmental sound in a wide range of contexts, making them a favorite of those who want nothing but the best sound quality from their hearing aids.



Starkey is dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible through the innovation of their products and the passion of their people. Located in Minnesota, this company extends its services beyond the borders of the United States to offer hearing aid technology around the world. The latest technology is available in the Livio Edge AI model, adapting seamlessly to the diversity of listening environments you face in your active life. These units make use of artificial intelligence to assess, diagnose, and adapt to the sounding world, making it possible to block out background noise and to produce a clear context for speech recognition and understanding. Not only does the Livio Edge AI model assess the challenges of the surrounding world, but it also takes note of your bodily functioning and needs. Sensors in the units are able to track changes in your body and brain, as well as to detect falls or other reasons to alert emergency personnel. By tracking your vital signs, these aids are also able to provide crucial health data to help you thrive. Translating and transcribing language are just as few of the other offerings of these advanced hearing aids that indeed are able to help usher you into a technologically assisted future.



Oticon has a simple vision: a world where hearing loss has no limitation. With this prime directive in mind, this company based in New Jersey continues to make it possible to live without the constraints that hearing loss might have provided in the past. One of the latest models, the Opn S is a rechargeable hearing aid that continues to break the rules of what was formerly thought possible in a hearing aid. Speech recognition is truly taken to the next level with 360-degree sensitivity, and wireless connectivity makes it possible to move fluidly from one listening context to the next. Where former models had problems with whistling in certain contexts, including while talking on the phone, the Opn S has eliminated that annoying problem, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it even easier to switch between a phone call and listening to someone call out from another room. The Oticon ON app also allows you to control the levels of amplification and the type of sound you need to hear in varying contexts.

For each of these hearing aid manufacturers, an even wider range of options are available to suit your individual needs and budget. Though some people will be intrigued by the possibility of artificial intelligence integrating with health data and emergency response, others prefer the simplicity of a hearing aid suited to amplification alone. In consultation with our specialists, the Hearing Institute of Texas can help pair you with the right set of aids to meet your needs.



Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. ReSound’s hearing aid styles for adults and children are some of the most varied on the market, including models that are the smallest and most powerful available. In addition, the company offers sophisticated digital technology to meet the specific needs of military veterans and others with special hearing needs. ReSound engineers from the inside out, because it is the only way to achieve the beauty of simplicity. All their hearing aid technology is designed to be comfortable, durable, and discreet. The devices are designed to disappear, but the control is always distinct to the touch and easy to operate.

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