"Gabriella has been a client/patient at Hearing Institue of Texas for 5 years. She's worn hearing aids all her life, and 5 years ago at the first Aid the Silent 5K run she was the lucky winner of hearing aids gifted by Hearing Institute of Texas and Dr. Lance Jackson. "

- Gabriella B.

"Several years ago I suddenly began having very loud, continuous ringing in my ears along with some difficulty hearing out of my left ear. The hearing loss only kept getting worse in the weeks to follow. Dr. Jackson tried various medicines and treatments all helping me to gain back a good amount of my hearing loss; it was definitely not back to normal, but I could function easily and hear almost everything.

Things remained stable for some time when I suddenly had a drop in my hearing once again. This time it was much worse than the first time. I also started to encounter vertigo. With the new diagnosis of Meniere's disease, a more aggressive treatment plan once formed with stronger medicine. The newly returned and larger hearing loss was now interfering with life as a whole!

As a classroom teacher, I began having difficulty hearing my students in my classes. In meetings, I would strategically sit so my good ear was turned towards the meeting participants. I found myself constantly rotating myself to ensure my right would hear everything that my left ear could not. I had lost about 60+% of hearing; I was devastated. I was hoping for the same results as I had gotten when this all began months earlier. However, this time I would not be so lucky.

Gaining only very little hearing back, I finally was reluctantly resigned to the idea that this was my new normal. My last course of action would be hearing therapy (aka a hearing aid) to assist me in gaining sound back in turn helping me in everyday life and with my teaching career.

In the first meeting with Tarun Wadhwa at the Hearing Institute of Texas, despite my doubts and many tears, he explained all the benefits, showed me the latest and greatest products (my vanity would not allow for me to have anything that was noticeable), and helped me make the hard decision to get a hearing aid. The transition into a hearing aid was not difficult but different - the feel of it in your ear, the adjusting to the new sounds being heard, and the new routine of putting in daily.

After several weeks and a few adjustments in the office, I was finally moving forward on this new journey. Life became easier quickly and seamlessly; I was hearing again so no more turning my head to hear, no more staying away from groups, no more strategic sitting in meetings. It was the best decision I ever did for me and my health. I am so appreciative of Dr. Jackson, Tarun Wadhwa, and the Hearing Institute of Texas for giving me back my life!"

- Carolyn K.